At Beautylicious we offer strip waxing using a luxurious Lavender Creme wax which is great for all skin types especially sensitive. Lavender alleviates tension and relaxes the hair follicles for a more comfortable wax, whilst soothing & conditioning the skin & calming the senses. You should ensure that hair to be waxed is a minimum of 0.75cm - 1cm so that the wax will take to the hair. Pre & Post lotions will be applied to prepare & soothe the skin.All our therapists are professionally trained to deliver an efficient and hygenic waxing treatment.

Brows                                                        £7.00


Lip                                                             £5.00                                                                  

Chin                                                          £5.00                                                                                                                

Lip & Chin                                                £7.00


Underarms                                                 £7.00


Sides of face/neck                                   £8.00


Bikini (outside knicker line)                    £12.00


High Bikini (inside knicker line)             £14.00


Forearms                                                  £15.00


Half Leg                                                   £20.00


Half Leg & Bikini                                     £25.00


Full Leg                                                    £27.00                                       


Full Leg & Bikini                                      £32.00



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