Hands & Feet

File & Polish  £20.00

Nails are shaped & polished


Manicure  £26.00

File, soak, cuticle tidy, hand massage followed by polish application


Deluxe Manicure  £31.00

As manicure plus exfoliation followed by deep moisturising mask & polish application


Pedicure  £30.00

File, soak, cuticle tidy, dry skin removal, foot massage & polish application


Deluxe Pedicure  £38.00

Same as pedicure with exfoliating scrub, followed by deep moisturising mask & polish application


Add £3.00 to each for French Polish


Elim Medi Heel

A medical grade pedicure treatment to remove hard skin and calluses from the feet, A safe effective & non invasive chemical peel for the feet that softens & disolves dead skin cells.



THE ELIM MEDI PEDICURE with Polish £40.00 

THE ELIM MEDI PEDICURE with Gel Polish £50.00


Gel Polish Shellac Nails IBD The Gel Bottle


Shellac/Gel Polish Application £25.00

Shellac/Gel Polish Re-application  £28.00 our brands ONLY

Shellac/Gel Polish with Manicure £31.00

Shellac/Gel Polish Re-application with Manicure £33.00


Shellac/Gel Polish with Pedicure  £36.00


Shellac/Gel Polish Re-application with Pedicure  £38.00


add £3.00 to each for French     


Shellac/Gel Polish Removal Only  £15.00 our own brands ONLY    

Nails are wrapped, product removed, re-shaped & oiled      


Shellac/Gel Polish Nail Replacement/Repair per finger £5.00 our own application ONLY  

(extra fee to repair other salons nails)   


Nail Extensions only available with Hannah

Gel Extensions Sculpted  £38.00

Gel Extensions with Colour  £40.00


Infills  £28.00

Infills Colour  £32.00

Add £3.00 for French


Repairs £5.00 each   


Nail Art additional charge