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This New Treatment is The Bomb

Updated: Jun 29, 2020

Introducing The Lash Bomb Lash Lifting to Taunton.

As some of you may have seen we have recently completed training in a new treatment called The Lash Bomb. What is The Lash Bomb you might ask - it is a revolutionary lash lift technology use to give the illusion of longer more voluminous natural lashs with results lasting 6-8 weeks!

Why should I have this treatment?

You will not have to wear mascara for a few weeks as this creates the illusion of wearing mascara.

It will make your morning routine quicker.

Itnis very low maintenance with minimal aftercare required.

Your eyes will appear more open with the lashes looking longer, thicker and fuller.

You will no longer need to use eyelash curlers as we create the perfect curl for you.

If you suffer from hayfever and your eyes get itchy/watery this is perfect for days you dont want to wear mascara.

Will it damage my natural lashes?

The answer is no - Lash Bomb products have been specifically formulated and tested to prevent damage to your natural lashes. By following aftercare advice you will also keep your lashes healthy and damage free

How does it work?

The Lash Bomb is a 4 part process - first of all your lashes will get glued to a sheild. We then apply a lifting lotion to the root of the lashes and leave for a few minutes, this is them removed. A neutralising lotion is added to the lashes to keep them in position and left to develop and then removed. Lastly we tint the lashes and remove the shields leaving you with beautifully lifted lashes for 6 weeks. This process takes around 45 minutes where you will have your eyes closed, a great excuse for a lash nap!

A lash lift is a great alternative to lash extensions as there is no maintenance involved meaning you will only require another treatment 6-8 weeks after.

Aftercare for your lashes

When you have had your lashes done refrain from putting makeup on them for 24 hours. Do not get them wet or use any steam near them for 24 hours as this can cause the lashes to lose their curl.

So now you know what this fabulous treatment is all about, but if you have more questions or are looking to book a lash lift treatment in Taunton then please get in touch.

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