Have you heard about “Maskne”?

“Maskne” yes its a real thing! You’ve heard of acne, well maskne is the development of pimples and spots after repeated use of a facemask.

These types of breakouts are identifiable as they only occur in the mouth, chin & nose area. The mask creates a humid & sticky environment around your mouth area causing these unpleasant breakouts. Many of us are now having to wear face masks for long periods of time and some most of the day.

The Acne caused by our face masks is different to regular acne which is caused by hormonal changes, as it’s a direct result of a disruption & trauma to our skin. The constant friction of the mask on our faces can result in micro-tears, which leads to bacteria, dirt, make up and oil easily entering underneath the surface which then cloggs up our pores.

Face masks are designed to limit airflow from entering or exiting the environment, which means those skin cells that would usually be able to shed throughout the day but they are now trapped on the surface of the skin and have no place to go. 

The warm and sweaty environment the mask creates around your facde can lead to flareups in anyone, although those already suffering with skin conditions will find their breakouts harder to control.

I have also found that having to wear my mask in the salon I’m getting more spots in this area, ive also had a flare up of eczema under my eye from continually wear a face shield. My skin isn’t able to breath as it normally does. So i thought if I’m suffering then others must be experiencing this as well and what can we do to help?

Then i thought we have the perfect treatment our “CACI Skin Calm” which is carried our using our CACI Ultimate Skin Machine.

CACI Skin Calm is a soothing treatment which targets skin prone to breakouts & irritation. The treatments led light therapy is renowned for its anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory healing properties. The Hydro Mask is infused with collagen, hyaluronic acid and rose water to deeply nourish and deliver a surge of moisture to the skin that will soothe and calm any skin redness.