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Life in Lockdown

We are now almost 3 weeks into lockdown and I am pretty sure most of us have had some highs and some lows and are now looking a little worse for wear (why aren't beauty treatments essential!) But atleast we are staying safe and hopefully we can be back to normal soon.

With social distancing it can be very hard, we have had Mother's Day where we couldn't spend time with loved ones, the weather is the best we've had in months but we've nowhere to go to enjoy it and now it is Easter and we won't be out with the kids doing egg hunts or spending Easter Sunday with family. But with that being said today's technology has meant we've been able to stay in touch with video calls (I don't think I seen my mum so much actually) have fun joining in with virual pub quizzes and appreciating the time that we do get to spend talking to loved ones.

The world has changed a lot since Covid-19 and it has been difficult to adjust to a new normal. I have seen so many people thinking outside of the box to keep themselves occupied or creating new hobbies. For me I have found myself out in the garden a lot and even made a vegetable patch to try and grow my own food (we will see how that goes) but it has been fun to try something new and have time to really get into it. I'm sure lots of you have been in the garden too or maybe you have been in the kitchen finally learning that recipe youve been meaning to do for so long. Or maybe youve picked up a pencil for the first time in a while and fallen back in love with drawing. But not everyone is at home there are so many keyworkers risking their lives everyday to keep the country going and supply us with the essentials to keep us going through this crazy time. I just want to thank these people because without them this situation would be a lot worse.

As we are are going to be in lockdown for a little longer some of our clients that have their nails and lashes done might be thinking about removing these. I have some top tip on how to remove your lashes and nails below PLEASE do not pull or rip or yank your nails and lashes off this will not do you any favours!

Top tip for nails-

Remove your nails properly this will not break your nails that you have been growing for soo long. You can find an instruction video on our Facebook page. You can also buy a nail removal kit from where you can get 10% off using the code PEACCIIIQ3L261S by doing this you will also be helping us as we will get a small commission from your purchase.

Once you have removed your gel it is suggested that you keep your nails shorter to prevent the virus living under your nails. It will also help to stop your nails breaking and becoming really short.

Top tip lashes-

If you want to remove your lashes a good home remedy to do this is dip a cotton ball, cosmetic pad, or makeup sponge in olive oil and gently swipe your upper and lower lash lines, making sure not to get any of the oil in your eyes. This will give the extensions "slip" and help them slide right off your eye. If they are not coming off do not pull them off just soak them for a little longer.

You may also want to reach for those tweezers to tame your eyebrows don't do it. Use this time as an opportunity to grow your brows out so you can get that shape you've always wanted. However if you feel like you cannot stand them and you need to do something. Start underneath and work in rows taking one hair at a time and keep checking to make sure you are happy.

If you are really missing the salon and want to pamper yourself Kelly has been super busy at home making up lots of pamper boxes that can be posted straight through your door! These are amazing and have lots of me time essentials to take the stress away and make it feel like you aren't at home. The best part they are only £15 bargain! If you would like one just give us a message on our facebook page.

Hopefully we won't be in this situation for too much longer and we can get back to being in the salon. I miss doing treatments and seeing all of my lovely clients! But until then we need to stay home, stay safe and save our NHS.

Much love


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