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An Open Letter

Our third Friday back in the salon after lockdown and things are finally looking up. We had got used to looking like we were about to prepare for surgery. We’d nearly gotten used to the masks & visors feeling like we had our own facial saunas. In fact we’d almost got used to our “New Normal”. Our clients were gradually rebooking and we were really happy to be offering nearly ALL our treatments the very next day.

We were excited, and we were ready - we had waited nearly 4 months for this - it almost felt a bit like the buzz of Christmas!

I’d just finished doing some admin work and Hannah had just finished her previous client, we were sat in the staff room and i started scrolling facebook (as you do). It had just gone 12.30. Almost immediately the live feed of Boris’s announcement popped up from a facebook group i was in, i started reading the comments as I’d missed the first few minutes. My face dropped, I turned to Hannah and said “no, we cant do it” - we felt sick. She said to me, you knew it. You said it wasn’t going to happen. I was right, i had that gut feeling that as we’d been waiting for further guidelines & areas were being locked down again we weren’t going to get that all important green light we had been longing for!

I managed to make my way through social media and try to piece together the unbelievable news of what Boris has done to us!! Had i read it right...were they talking about something else?

You see the next day and for the next 2 weeks after that the salon was packed with clients and here he is telling us with only a few hours notice that we are going to have to cancel 80% of our clients?!!

To say we were gutted is an understatement, did we have a cry?! Yes I’ll be honest I was teary eyed, we feel our industry has been kicked to the gutter again. I understand we need local lockdowns etc to look after everyone but the 4hrs notice is just unacceptable for our business or any other beauty business! We are full of PPE visors, aprons, gloves and masks etc so we see absolutely zero reason why we can’t work on the face! The whole salon is cleaned and disinfected to an inch of its life!

We are loosing money already by having to book out an extra 15min or more between each client to sanitise and now we can’t do the majority of our clients again!!!

So to Boris please sort this rubbish out, if pubs can stay open with zero PPE we should be aloud to trade with all of ours!

We aren’t asking for any money, all we want is the opportunity to work again.

And to anyone reading this, please think about all the beauty salons that you know and think of all the times your therapist has stayed back for you after hours, or fitted you in when she had no gaps, or let you have that special offer even though you booked the wrong day, or gave you a gift voucher for your local raffle, they now need a favour from you........ they need your support, we need your support, please go and book a treatment that you maybe wouldn’t of had before, try something different or if the business isn’t open yet see if they are selling gift vouchers or maybe buy some retail products. I know many of us have turned our hands to online retail.

They say after the storm always comes a rainbow and I do believe that, but I think this time we just need a bit of help in clearing the clouds away......

So the treatments we can offer at the moment are-

Manicures & Pedicures

Gel Polish Hands/ Gel Polish Pedicures

Nail Extensions

Waxing - body only

Massage/Body Treatments

We‘Ve just launched our AMAZING salon- cation themed treatments - a fantastic range of ‘chill out “ body treatments, manicures & pedicures to try and throw some sunshine into the mix! Check them out over on our facebook page or drop me an email to find out more.

If you would like a treat please message us, call 01823 334664 or pop online.

And if you aren’t a client of ours please visit your local beauty salon, you have no idea how grateful they will be.

Kelly 💕🙏🏼💕

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