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What is CACI?

Hi everyone! Today I'm going to talk to you about one of the salons most popular treatments. Clients often come into the salon & ask us what is CACI? First of all lets start with how its pronounced...."K-C"..... its as easy as that. Now what does it stand for, caci stands for COMPUTER AIDED COSMETOLOGY INSTRUMENT. The machine we have at the salon is called the CACI Ultimate.

The CACI brand has a HUGE celebrity following from Jennifer Lopez, Madonna, Jennifer Anniston (who look amazing for their age) The Kardashians (well of course) to Michelle Collins, Anthea Turner, Rochelle from The Saturdays & more recently Gaby Roslin (our UK friends love it too!)

Its the result of over 20 years of medical research & it is the first system to combine Micro-current, Facial Toning, Crystal Free Microdermabrasion & L.E.D Light Therapy. It enables us to offer a wide range of non surgical facial treatments to both men & women & is suitable for clients of all ages.

Now lets break it down & explain what it does.


Micro-current is also known as "facial toning" or "non surgical face lift" due to its ability to lift & tone the facial muscles.


This is a procedure where the dead outer most surface of the skin is partially or completely removed by light abrasion. It has a softening effect on surface lines & wrinkles, revealing more youthful looking skin. It can also be used to improve acne, treat sun damaged skin & scars.

L.E.D Light Therapy:

The CACI Ultimate offers 2 types of light therapy for different skin conditions. Blue Light Therapy which helps to minimise acne or breakouts. It helps to destroy the bacteria reducing redness & stimulates cells which helps with the healing process. Red Light Therapy to rejuvenate the skin for a brighter, healthier & fresher appearance. It can help with evening out skin tone & stimulating collagen production.


The Hydratone treatment combines the Micro-current rollers with a unique, electrically conductive silicon mask infused with extremely powerful hydrating properties. The mask is gently massaged with the rollers causing the mask to become electrically charged. The energy generated pushes the hydrating mask deep into the skin, plumping out lines & wrinkles. the energy also helps to restore tone & firmness to the facial muscles. this is a short procedure that provides intensive hydration & face firming results.

All these different procedures can be performed separately to tackle your specific concerns or used altogether to provide the "ULTIMATE CACI FACIAL" (hence is name!)

So there you have it! I hope that has explained a bit more about this fantastic treatment system. The results speak for themselves but why not give it a try for yourself. If your still not sure take a look at my very own before & after!!

CACI Eye Revive Before & After

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