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Looking For Waxing in Taunton - Top Tips To Get The Best Results

Here at Beautylicious we offer strip waxing using a luxurious Lavender Creme wax which is great for all skin types especially sensitive. Lavender alleviates tension and relaxes the hair follicles for a more comfortable wax, whilst soothing & conditioning the skin & calming the senses.

Perhaps your new to waxing and are not sure what to expect? Maybe you wax regularly but would like to know how to get rig of those annoying ingrowing hairs. Well look no further, we have compiled a list of top tips to help you get the very best results from your wax treatments.

Do: Exfoliate regularly. The aim of this is to remove dead skin cells that block follicles which can significantly reduce ingrown hairs.

We would recommend you try RuffStuff Daily Scrub. Made by hand in small batches using only the finest natural ingredients and all are registered with the Vegan Society. Created by a Waxing Specialist, in a working salon. Ruff Stuff Scrub had originally been specifically created to combat common problems associated with body waxing, but it’s not just for waxing clients! It’s also fantastic for anyone looking for glowing, smooth, healthy looking skin. Available to buy from the salon for just £10 a tub, it comes in four amazing fragrances, Original Mint, Herbal Infusion, Citrus Blend & Pure Lavender - you only need to use a little to get great results.

Do: Moisturise Daily. Moisturising is essential, ensuring your skin is thoroughly & regularly nourished will make the regrowth process easier, keeping those pesky ingrown hairs at bay.

Why not try our AMAZING Nourishing Body Oil, another member of the RuffStuff family. It is a rich blend of Sunflower, Rosehip & Jojoba oil.  Essence of pure lavender can soothe you senses and aid restful sleep while frankincense and lemongrass can help repair scaring and even skin tone.  Apply every night from face to feet for healthy glowing skin! It compliments our waxing & makes the perfect post wax oil. Also available to buy at the salon for £18 a bottle.

Do: Trim. Ideally you don want your hair to be longer than 1cm. Especially on your bikini line.

Any longer and it can make the wax drag causing you discomfort & this can also cause the hairs to snap rather than be pulled out!

Do: Shower before your appointment BUT please refrain from moisturising on the day. Moisturising on the day can make the skin too “slippy” for the wax to work properly.

Do: Keep Cool. Stay away from heat after your waxing appointments for at least 48hrs. Sunbathing, Sunbeds, Saunas, Stream Rooms etc should all be avoided. Remember cool showers only.

Don’t Exercise: Avoid exercise after your waxing. Depending on the area, sweathing, movement & tight clothing around the area is going to aggravate the skin causing red bumps or spots. When possible wear loose clothing to your waxing appointment. We’ve all worn those skinny jeans or jeggings to our appointment only to peel them off later and by cover in dark blue fluff!

Don’t: Shave. As hard as it maybe DO NOT SHAVE between your appointments. Try to keep to your waxing schedule, book your next appointment before you leave the salon & put that razor down.

Don’t: Wax straight before a special occasion or event. Occasionally our skin can react and sometimes there is some trauma to the skin. You wouldn’t want to risk that just before your wedding or event!

Don’t: Wear your best underwear. Leave your favourite Victorias Secrets at home & come in your old “Primarnies”. Even when we try to protect your clothing accidents can happen, wax has a funny way of ending up where it shouldn’t. If you forget or would rather we can provide you with disposable pants.

Do: Relax! We know it can be uncomfortable but the more you tense the more it’ll hurt. Work with your therapist. We may ask you to get in a slightly unusual position that might resemble a game of twister but honestly we are just trying to help you get the best results.

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