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Life Is Good, Life Is Peacći

So whilst we may not be at the salon doing what we love, what we can do from home is help you to keep your nails in tip top condition & we can do that with our brand new range Peacći

We have become brand reps for Peacći which is the sister brand of The GelBottle Inc. It’s the perfect at home alternative to nail appointments.

Peacci is a nail polish that comes in all your favourite Gel Bottle colours.(The top coat even cures in SUNLIGHT to give a gel like finish! And guess what it’s sunny outside) This is going to be a life saver! Well nail saver. 😉

YOU can save 10% when you order online at

All you need to do is enter our exclusive code PEACCIIIQ3L261S

This code can be used multiple times by all your friends and family BUT you must enter it into the “coupon or gift code” section

They also have some fantastic removal kits that can be sent straight to your door. Perfect for isolation, we can even talk you through how to use it, which means you have no excuses for picking your gel polish off and ruining your lovely nails!

Not only will it keep your nails looking great but you’ll also help us by letting us earni a small commission whilst we’re out of action!

Peacći believes regular polish is not redundant, in fact, it offers wearers the ability to change up their looks with ease. Delivering a huge range of 100% vegan and cruelty-free creative hues with long-lasting results, that don't negatively impact the strength and health of the nail, Peacći makes self-expression easy.

Application leaves the nail with a shiny finish which prolongs the durability of Peacći Nail Polish. The Gel’ous top coat can be left to air dry as normal OR you can choose to see it’s gel like qualities for yourself - by watching it harden when placed in sunlight!

Peacći Gel'ous Top Coat is an innovative formula which extends your manicure for up to 7 days. This glossy top coat leaves your nails with a long-lasting, high-shine finish. Most of the colours are designed in collaboration with The GelBottle Inc. to match their internationally acclaimed gel polish range.

Why is Peacci such a great alternative to regular gel appointment?

Vegan & cruelty FreeHighly Pigmented, creamy colours to match the gel bottle incs best selling shades.

Easy Application & one-swipe removal for non- pro home users.

Just paint like regular polish for nails that are anything but regular!

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